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Get immense value by organizing a large-scale international design exhibition with the support of A' Design Awards.

Large-Scale Design Events with Benefits
Organizing a Large-Scale International Design Exhibition with the support of A' Design Award is a strategic move that offers a wide spectrum of multifaceted advantages and far-reaching benefits for brands, companies, and institutions across the design industry. By aligning this prestigious event with your strategic goals and leveraging the support provided by A' Design Awards, you can maximize the impact of your event organization opportunity and establish your brand as a leader in the global design community.

International A’ Design Award Exhibitions are where we take the A’ Design Award winner-designs exhibition to cities and countries across the globe to showcase original and good design works, these are extremely large-scale design exhibitions with thousands, and sometimes tens-of-thousands of international participants, where good design from all industries are showcased worldwide.

We want to make an important distinction clear: the International Design Exhibition Organization opportunity is not about participating in the design exhibitions organized by the A' Design Award - You will remember A' Design Award organizes international design exhibitions for its laureates in Italy and then takes this exhibition to many other countries; Large-Scale International Design Exhibition Organization initiative is a distinct opportunity in which we provide complete support in you organizing a very large design exhibition in your city, with this initiative we are empowering you to take a leading role in organizing your own large-scale design exhibition. While winning the design award typically includes the chance to display your work at exhibitions we organize, the opportunity we are offering now involves you organizing these exhibitions directly. This leadership role in organizing a large A' Design Exhibition can particularly benefit large brands and government entities by elevating their profile, fostering local economic growth, and enhancing cultural and creative landscapes. Engaging with A' Design Award directly in this capacity as an exhibition organizer offers strategic visibility and networking opportunities that can redefine your presence in the global design arena. Normally, you would need a significant amount of investment to organize such a large exhibition; however we can solve 80% of the organization by taking the burden away from you; we can help find the participants, communicate the event, prepare audio-visual presentations including but not limited to exhibition posters, exhibition brand identity, exhibition communication materials and help with your marketing, and all you need to do is provide us space and perhaps provide us a barebone staff to assist in carrying items, placing posters or moving screens; it is just easy for you and you will get exceptional benefits.

A’ Design Award is one of the World’s largest, most influential, most ethical and prominent design accolade that annually reach millions of design-oriented audiences worldwide. A’ Design Award not only manages culturally influential media such as and World Design Rankings but also partnered with numerous design publications and journals worldwide to promote, advertise and publicize good design.

Hosting the A’ Design Award’s International Design Exhibition will benefit your venue and brand in numerous ways. A’ Design Award Exhibition will advertise, promote and publicize your venue as a global, modern hub for good design, which is expected to contribute positively to your brand image and global recognition and you will get access to a significant list of benefits noted in this page as well as have opportunity to obtain laureate-only benefits that provide additional value. We will take care of international publicity and promotion, exhibition curation and branding. We have thousands of award-winning designs in all design industries that can easily fill any space. All you need to do is provide some space allocation and setup help and you will have a very large grand design exhibition organization as part of your cultural events schedule.

When your large brand, institution or enterprise takes the lead in organizing an international A' Design Exhibition, you gain very valuable opportunities to shape the event to directly align with your strategic goals. Your leadership role allows your organization to curate the exhibition content, ensuring it reflects your values, your innovation and commitment to design excellence. By doing so, your brand effectively sets the stage for unveiling new products or technologies, directly influencing the industry’s perception and consumer expectations.

Furthermore, the process of organizing A' Design Exhibitions provides substantial networking advantages. Your institution can engage with a diverse array of stakeholders including potential investors, industry influencers, and new customer and consumer segments. The interactions during the design exhibition can lead to strategic alliances and collaborations, which might not have been as accessible through other channels.

In addition to business development, organizing A' Design Exhibitions serve as a platform for market research. Your team can gather insights on industry trends, consumer preferences, and feedback on new concepts directly from a design-interested audience. This real-time feedback is invaluable for guiding your product development and marketing strategies.

Organizing a large-scale A' Design Exhibition not only allows you to showcase your innovation and design prowess but also serves as a powerful tool for enhancing your public relations efforts. By leading such a prestigious design event, your brand gains significant visibility, which can be leveraged to strengthen your public image and increase brand value. This heightened exposure places your brand in the spotlight, attracting media coverage and public interest that can be pivotal in shaping perceptions and affirming your position as an industry leader. This strategic visibility is instrumental in communicating your brand's story, achievements, and commitment to quality and innovation, directly impacting your overall marketing and PR strategy.

Lastly, for brands dedicated to corporate social responsibility, organizing the A' Design Exhibition underscores your commitment to supporting the arts and promoting cultural enrichment. This enhances your corporate image as a benefactor of the community and culture, fostering goodwill and enhancing employee pride and retention. Organizing the A' Design Exhibition could also improve your ESG Score. Organizing a design exhibition at such a big scale is a strategic development tool that can significantly enhance your brand reputation, foster business relationships, provide valuable market insights, and showcase your commitment to innovation and cultural support.

A’ Design Award Exhibitions create socio-economic and cultural value and contribute to public recognition, prestige and acknowledgement of hosting locations. To remind you once again, the International Design Exhibition Organization opportunity we explain in this page is different from our thematic 40 x 40 Exhibitions and is different from our Design Exhibition in Italy and different from the Museum of Design Online Exhibition. Here, we are not talking exhibition participation, which is included as part of the A' Design Award but about organization of a large scale design exhibition that can benefit you.

We have organized international design exhibitions many times already and hosting institutions and locations till today have been; governments, national museums, trenched and established art galleries, design-oriented large brands, trade shows, ministry of arts, ministry of culture, ministry of economics, government-level economic development initiatives, culture department of cities, cities themselves, design faculties, architecture faculties and universities themselves. Below, for different stakeholders we are pleased to provide how organizing a very large-scale design exhibition can help. If you are not a laureate of the A' Design Award contact us for inquiry; while this is a benefit of the A' Design Prize we reserve for laureates, we will of course consider opportunities that can benefit all laureates as such we are pleased to hear from you, on the other hand, if you are a laureate, it is easy and fast to start; you can directly start organization process from the exhibition organization function we have, which guides you with step by step instructions for creating publicity, finding sponsors and attracting visitors, as well as tools to help finding participants as well as developing the brand identity of the exhibition which we basically do for you.

To organize an A' Design Exhibition, winners can download the Letter of Intent and Long Form Letter from Exhibition Organization page to understand and communicate our goals and offerings; both the Letter of Intent and Long For m Letter documents are available ready for our laureates to help them proceed faster. We are also pleased to present you with an Exhibition Pitch System to submit an online form that prompts us to contact potential hosting institutions and relevant parties with relevant materials. When you organize an A' Design Award exhibition, your institution receives various benefits based on the level of support provided, ranging from nomination tickets and express judging services to assistance in exhibition setup and publicity efforts. Additional perks include enhanced visibility and leadership opportunities within the design community, connections with the press, and potential new audiences. Support levels vary from basic space allocation to comprehensive logistical and promotional support, culminating in significant publicity for the highest level of involvement.

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Already a Winner? Start Exhibition Organization. Seize the opportunity to organize an exhibition now. Amplify your impact, showcase your creativity, and take your place as a leader in the global design community. Organize your A' Design Exhibition today and reap the extensive benefits.

Powerful Platform for Marketing, Public Relations, Cultural Enrichment and Branding
Organizing an international A' Design Exhibition is a valuable opportunity for marketing, advertising, public relations and brand building. For brands, aligning with such a prestigious event can significantly elevate their perceived quality, innovation, and thought leadership, positioning them as key players in the design industry. The exhibition provides a high-profile platform to launch new products, concepts, or initiatives, generating buzz and media attention. It also offers a unique opportunity to engage directly with design-savvy consumers, deepening customer relationships and building brand loyalty. Designers and architects gain opportunities for career advancement, portfolio enhancement, and professional networking. Creative agencies and design studios can attract top talent, acquire new clients, and develop new service offerings. Universities and academic institutions can promote their programs, forge industry partnerships, and foster interdisciplinary collaboration. Academics and scholars can progress their careers, pursue new research opportunities, and enhance their teaching. Design-oriented companies can elevate their brand, gain targeted exposure, and drive business development. Large brands and enterprises can showcase innovation, engage customers, and demonstrate social responsibility. Governments and municipalities can stimulate the economy, attract talent, and boost city branding and tourism. Media organizations and publishers can generate exclusive content, engage and expand their audience, and secure advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Young designers and upcoming architects can gain exposure, learn and find inspiration, and build valuable networks and mentorship relationships. Organizing an international A' Design Exhibition offers a wide range of benefits for brands, companies, agencies, individuals, and institutions across the design industry and beyond. It provides a powerful platform for marketing, networking, innovation, and cultural enrichment.

Designers, Creatives & Architects

  1. Career Advancement:
    Organizing a prestigious design exhibition is a significant achievement that can greatly enhance your professional profile. It demonstrates your leadership, organizational skills, and industry connections, making you stand out to potential employers, clients, and collaborators. It can open doors to new career opportunities and help you secure higher-level positions.

  2. Portfolio Enhancement:
    As an organizer, you have the opportunity to showcase your own award-winning work to a large, influential audience. This can significantly boost the visibility and impact of your portfolio, attracting new clients and projects. Moreover, the curatorial process itself can be a valuable addition to your portfolio, demonstrating your ability to conceptualize and execute a major design event.

  3. Professional Network Expansion:
    Organizing an international design exhibition puts you in direct contact with a wide range of design professionals, including other award-winning designers, industry leaders, and potential collaborators. These connections can lead to exciting new projects, partnerships, and opportunities for professional growth.

Creative Agencies, Design Studios & Architecture Offices

  1. Talent Attraction and Retention:
    Aligning your agency or studio with a prestigious design event can greatly enhance your reputation as a leading player in the industry. This can help you attract top design talent, as creatives seek to work with agencies that are at the forefront of design innovation. It can also boost employee morale and retention, as your team takes pride in being part of an agency that is shaping the design landscape.

  2. Client Acquisition and Retention:
    Organizing a major design exhibition demonstrates to current and potential clients that your agency is a thought leader and innovator in the field. It showcases your ability to conceptualize and execute complex design projects, instilling confidence in your capabilities. The exhibition can also serve as a powerful marketing tool, attracting new clients who are impressed by your agency's vision and leadership.

  3. New Service Offerings:
    The process of organizing a design exhibition can help your agency develop new skills and capabilities, such as event management, curation, and large-scale installation design. These can be leveraged to offer new services to clients, diversifying your revenue streams and setting your agency apart from competitors.

Universities and Academic Institutions

  1. Program Promotion and Student Recruitment:
    Hosting a high-profile design exhibition can significantly raise the visibility and prestige of your institution's design programs. It showcases your commitment to design excellence and industry engagement, making your programs more attractive to prospective students. The exhibition can also serve as a powerful recruitment tool, as visiting students are exposed to your institution's facilities, faculty, and creative community.

  2. Industry Partnerships and Funding:
    Organizing a major design event can help your institution forge new partnerships with industry leaders, design firms, and cultural institutions. These partnerships can lead to research collaborations, internship and job opportunities for students, and access to cutting-edge technology and resources. The exhibition can also attract sponsorships and funding from design-focused companies and foundations, supporting your institution's design initiatives.

  3. Interdisciplinary Collaboration:
    A design exhibition provides a unique opportunity for collaboration across different departments and faculties within your institution. It can bring together students and faculty from design, engineering, business, humanities, and other fields to work on complex, interdisciplinary projects. This fosters a culture of innovation and prepares students for the collaborative nature of professional design practice.

Academics and Scholars

  1. Academic Progression and Tenure:
    Organizing a prestigious international design exhibition is a significant contribution to your field, demonstrating leadership, curatorial skills, and industry connections. This can strongly support your case for tenure, promotion, or securing research grants. It showcases your ability to bridge theory and practice, and to make a tangible impact in the design world.

  2. Research Opportunities:
    Curating an exhibition provides unique insights into current design trends, innovations, and challenges. This can inspire new research questions, provide case studies for analysis, and open doors to collaborate with leading designers and institutions on research projects. The exhibition itself can serve as a living lab for design research.

  3. Enhanced Teaching:
    Engaging with cutting-edge design practices and interacting with diverse designers can greatly enrich your teaching. You can integrate insights, case studies, and guest lectures from the exhibition into your courses, providing students with relevant, real-world examples. This keeps your teaching fresh, dynamic, and connected to industry realities.

Design Oriented Companies

  1. Brand Elevation:
    Aligning your brand with a prestigious, international design event can significantly elevate your brand's perceived quality, innovation, and thought leadership. It positions your company as a key player in the design industry, attracting attention from potential clients, partners, and investors who value design excellence.

  2. Targeted Exposure:
    As an organizer, you have control over the exhibition's theme, participants, and promotion. This allows you to strategically align the event with your company's strengths, target markets, and growth areas. You can showcase your company's designs in the best light and to the most relevant audiences.

  3. Business Development:
    The exhibition provides a unique platform to network with decision-makers, influencers, and potential clients in a setting that showcases your company's capabilities. You can leverage the event to generate new business leads, secure partnerships, and expand into new markets. The exhibition can serve as a powerful catalyst for business growth.

Large Brands and Enterprises

  1. Innovation Showcase:
    Participating in a prestigious design exhibition allows large brands to showcase their most innovative and forward-thinking designs. This can help position the brand as a leader in design innovation, enhancing its reputation among consumers, industry peers, and potential partners. The exhibition provides a high-profile platform to launch new products, concepts, or initiatives, generating buzz and media attention.

  2. Customer Engagement and Loyalty: A design exhibition offers a unique opportunity to engage directly with design-savvy consumers. By showcasing your brand's commitment to design excellence and user-centric innovation, you can deepen customer relationships and build brand loyalty. The exhibition can also provide valuable insights into customer preferences and feedback, informing future product development.

  3. Corporate Social Responsibility: Supporting a major design event aligns your brand with the values of creativity, innovation, and cultural enrichment. This can enhance your brand's image as a socially responsible corporate citizen, committed to supporting the arts and fostering community development. This can be particularly valuable in attracting and retaining customers and employees who prioritize social responsibility.

Governments and Municipalities

  1. Economic Stimulation:
    A major international design exhibition can attract significant visitor spending, boosting the local economy across sectors such as hospitality, transportation, and retail. It can also attract business tourism, as professionals come to network and explore business opportunities. This economic injection can support local jobs and businesses.

  2. Talent Attraction:
    Hosting a prestigious design event can help attract and retain creative talent in your city or region. It sends a message that your location values and supports design innovation, making it an attractive place for designers to live and work. This can contribute to the development of a vibrant, innovative local design sector.

  3. City Branding and Tourism:
    A high-profile design exhibition can put your city on the map as a design destination. It can generate international media coverage, showcasing your city's creative assets, cultural vibrancy, and quality of life. This can boost tourism, not just during the event but in the long term, as your city becomes associated with design excellence.

Media Organizations and Publishers:

  1. Exclusive Content Generation:
    As a media partner for a high-profile design exhibition, your organization gains access to exclusive content, including interviews with award-winning designers, behind-the-scenes insights, and first looks at cutting-edge designs. This can provide a wealth of material for compelling articles, features, and multimedia content, engaging your audience and setting your coverage apart from competitors.

  2. Audience Engagement and Expansion:
    Covering a major design event can help your media organization attract new readers or viewers who are passionate about design. By providing in-depth, expert coverage of the exhibition, you can establish your organization as a go-to source for design news and insights. This can help expand your audience and strengthen your brand's association with design excellence.

  3. Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities:
    A design exhibition attracts a valuable, design-conscious audience, making it an attractive prospect for advertisers and sponsors. As a media partner, your organization can benefit from this by offering targeted advertising packages or sponsored content opportunities. This can provide a significant revenue stream and help forge relationships with key players in the design industry.

Young Designers and Upcoming Architects:

  1. Exposure and Recognition:
    For emerging designers, being part of a prestigious exhibition can provide invaluable exposure to a wide, influential audience. It's an opportunity to have your work seen and appreciated by established designers, potential employers, and industry leaders. This recognition can be a significant boost to your early career, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

  2. Learning and Inspiration:
    Participating in a major design event exposes you to the best and most innovative work in your field. This can be an incredible source of learning and inspiration, helping you push your own creative boundaries and stay at the forefront of design innovation. The exhibition can also provide opportunities to attend talks, workshops, and masterclasses with leading designers, further supporting your professional development.

  3. Networking and Mentorship:
    A design exhibition brings together a diverse community of designers at all stages of their careers. For young designers, this provides invaluable opportunities to network with more established professionals, potentially finding mentors who can offer guidance and support as you navigate your early career. These connections can lead to job opportunities, collaborations, and long-term professional relationships.

Hosting the A’ Design Award’s Large-Scale International Design Exhibition will help your venue reach design-oriented audiences worldwide; we will be promoting this event to design lovers, designers and design journalists from across the globe. The A’ Design Award’s International Design Exhibition will introduce your institution to worldwide designers, pulling designers from different countries to collaborate and co-operate with your institution for new and future projects.
Hosting the A’ Design Award’s International Design Exhibition will help your venue position itself as a global and modern hub of design, arts and culture, and will contribute positively to its public reception. The exhibition will uplift your brand value, create geopolitical awareness and desirability. The exhibition, a keystone event in design field, will support cultural tourism, and it will serve to captivate and create value for culture-oriented citizens in your city.

Organizing an International A' Design Award Exhibition is a strategic move that offers a wide spectrum of benefits for brands, companies, and institutions across the design industry. From elevating your brand and showcasing innovation to engaging with your target audience, fostering business development, enhancing public relations, and demonstrating social responsibility, the advantages are multifaceted and far-reaching. By aligning the A' Design Award Exhibition with your strategic goals and leveraging the practical tips provided, you can maximize the impact of this valuable opportunity and establish your brand as a leader in the global design community. This is one of the many ways to get involved with A' Design Awards, however for A' Design Award laureates, large enterprises and brands as well as governments and institutions, Exhibition Organization is indeed an excellent opportunity to unlock further benefits for for growth, innovation, and leadership in the design industry. Contact us today to get started if you are not a laureate, and if you are a laureate, you can start an A' Design Award Exhibition right now from our Exhibition Organization page.

To organize an A' Design Award Exhibition, start by identifying and contacting potential host venues such as galleries, universities, or cultural institutions using the Exhibition Pitch System. Once a venue is secured and a date is set, engage directly with the hosts to discuss the benefits and setup requirements. A' Design Awards will assist by providing promotional materials, curating the exhibition content, and handling the publicity to ensure a successful event. Essentially, you secure the venue and date, and A' Design Awards will manage the rest, making the process streamlined and efficient.

Taking a leadership role in organizing an A' Design Award Exhibition offers significant public relations benefits, placing your brand in the spotlight and attracting media coverage that can be pivotal in shaping perceptions. This heightened exposure provides a powerful tool for communicating your brand's story, achievements, and commitment to design excellence, directly impacting your overall marketing and PR strategy. Furthermore, by supporting a major design event, you align your brand with the values of creativity, innovation, and cultural enrichment, enhancing your image as a socially responsible corporate citizen. This commitment to the arts and community development can be particularly valuable in attracting and retaining customers and employees who prioritize social responsibility as well as contribute to your ESG Ratings.

Good to Know: In addition to large-scale design events, we are also proud to support your smaller design events and initiatives, discover our 40×40 Design Events. Organizing or participating in a 40×40 Design Event is a unique opportunity to gain significant international exposure, create impactful industry connections, and showcase your award-winning work in a global context. By leveraging the support provided by A' Design Award and following the practical tips outlined, you can maximize the benefits of the exclusive 40×40 Design Event initiative and establish your brand as a leader in the design community, with little to no cost.

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