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Learn how good your design is without spending any money. A' Design Award Preliminary Design Score Service is free of charge and obligation free. Get free, confidential design consultancy, benchmark, compare and improve your design today.
Free Design Score

Have you ever wondered how good your design is? What about your design presentation skills? You can learn how good your design is today, free of charge, without any obligations and in a confidential manner. All you need to do is login and upload your work. You can create a free account if you don’t have one yet. After uploading, your work will be queued for our complimentary preliminary evaluation service. We will check your design in detail and tell you how good your design is. You will get a score out of ten (10) for your design. Plus, as an added bonus we will also comment on your design presentation, again completely free of charge. Here is a TL;DR 1. Register for Free. 2. Upload Design for Free. 3. Get Design Score free.

What is A' Design Score?

We will give you an honest opinion on how good your design is, from zero (0) to ten (10) . What you do once you get your design score is up to you. You could nominate your work for A’ Design Award, you could decide to improve your work, or you could call it a day and think about it later. The service is completely free of charge and is also confidential, take part now.

Why Free Design Score?

In order to create more value for artists, architects, designers and design agencies taking part in the A’ Design Award, A' Design Award has been providing free preliminary scores to participating designers since its inception. The preliminary design score helps reduce financial risk of taking part in the design competition by providing you with an expectation of whether your design could be successful or not. You will need to sign-up and create an A' Design Award account to get free design score and many other benefits, and creating an account is also free of charge.

Not Just a Score

The A' Design Awards's Free Preliminary Checking Service is not just a score: It is Free Design Consultancy : Compare different design projects submitted to your business by independent third-party design providers. Free Design Evaluation : Get free consultancy and independent professional opinion on which of your in-house designs are good, better or best. Free Design Comparison : Upload multiple works to compare multiple designs based on their intrinsic design qualities, discover best works in your design portfolio. Free Design Benchmarking : Learn how good your design is compared to the industry, confidentially. Decide to invest in improving or promoting your design further with expert feedback. Free Design Opinion : Get unbiased and honest opinion on how good your design is, reflect and react. Free Design Advisor : Learn how to present your designs in a way to attract the attention of design media, journalists, press members as well as design oriented audiences.

Smart Uses

Here are some innovative ways smart people use A' Design Award's complimentary preliminary design score service to their advantage : Reduce Risks : Designers upload their designs to A’ Design Award and get a free preliminary score to reduce risks before participating design awards. Reduce Costs : Managers reduce design award participation risks and costs by getting an idea of how well their products would perform if nominated for an award, smart managers invest in products and projects with high preliminary design score to have the highest return. Get Consultancy : Companies send their upcoming, not yet released products for preliminary evaluation to estimate how good they would be received by the market, to get an honest third-party opinion for their product lines. Get Expert Help : Brands use preliminary design score service to help choose winners for their in-house design tenders and contests, to choose products to develop further or patent. Get Mentor Tips : Design Agencies use preliminary checks to get insights on how to present their works to prospective clients and journalists better.