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Learn about the A' Design Award & Competitions' Authorized Seller and Service Provider (ASP). Please keep in mind that the ASP is different from PR Partners, Authorized Agents and A'ffiliates.

A' Authorized Sellers and Service Providers
The A' Authorized Sellers and Service Providers (ASP) Program allows third-party entities to collaborate with A' Design Awards by selling nomination tickets and offering associated services to clients. Being a part of the program, ASPs have the privilege of purchasing nomination tickets at a special reseller pricing, thus creating a profit margin while facilitating their clients in making remarkable presentations and nominations for the awards.

Authorized Sellers and Service Providers are third parties who earn by selling A' Design Award nomination tickets and by providing services to clients. ASP earn their profits by buying A' Design Award nomination tickets at reseller pricing and selling them to clients and customers, meanwhile also helping such clients and customers with their presentations and nominations.

Authorized Sellers and Service Providers utilize the prestige associated with the A' Design Award to enhance their business reputation.

In very simple terms, the ASP market the A' Design Award, meet with customers, sell A' Design Award nomination to the customers. Customers work directly with ASP and the ASP invoices the customer. A' Design Award provides nomination ticket to ASP which the client can use for nominating their design ASP must pay the nomination ticket fees on scheduled dates.

Join ASP Today, and be part of a program that is recognized across the globe, enhancing your international footprint and appeal. Reach a diverse, international clientele who are looking to nominate their designs in a globally renowned design award competition. By embracing the ASP program, you align yourself with a global design giant, ensuring that your business not only gains in terms of financial profitability but also in terms of brand elevation, client engagement, and market presence.

Verify Authorized Seller
Certificate №
Authorized Seller Identification Number as noted in top left corner of the Authorized Seller Certificate.







Authorized Seller Certificate

The Authorized Reseller Certificate and real-time verification via QR code instill confidence and assure clients of your authenticity and direct affiliation with A' Design Award.

At the heart of our Authorized Seller and Service Providers program lies the coveted Authorized Reseller Certificate, a testament to the authenticity and integrity of your business partnership with the A' Design Award & Competitions. Aesthetically crafted with meticulous detail, this exquisite certificate embodies prestige and trust, incorporating the holder’s name and territorial rights alongside the expiration date of the contract, clearly demarcated for transparency and accountability. Adding to its elegance and functionality, the certificate features a seamlessly integrated QR code, a gateway to real-time verification of the holder’s authorization status.

Upon scanning this QR code, clients and associates are instantly redirected to the A' Design Award website, where they can validate the authenticity of the certificate, verify the identity of the holder, and check the current validity status of the authorization. This state-of-the-art verification system not only safeguards against potential fraudulent activities but also fosters a sense of trust and reliability between you and your clientele.

Embracing this certificate can significantly elevate your business operations, adding a layer of credibility and prestige to your services. It serves as a beacon of quality assurance, denoting your direct affiliation with a globally recognized and respected institution in the design industry. Furthermore, the real-time verification facilitated by the QR code amplifies the value proposition, offering an innovative and secure avenue to substantiate your business credentials instantly, enhancing client trust and fostering long-lasting business relationships founded on transparency and authenticity.

ASP Program

Design Prize

Elevate Your Business with A' Design Award's Authorized Seller and Service Provider (ASP) ProgramEnvision the trajectory of your business soaring by aligning with the A' Design Award & Competition as an Authorized Seller and Service Provider (ASP). This symbiotic affiliation not only unfolds a spectrum of opportunities to magnify your offerings and carve lucrative revenue streams but also lavishly showers your brand with an unparallel prestige linked to a global design luminary. With exclusive access to nomination tickets at preferential reseller pricing and potential for bulk purchase benefits, ASPs are tactically positioned to derive financial gains while assisting their clientele with impactful nominations, complemented by valuable consultative services. The highly coveted Authorized Reseller Certificate, enriched with a real-time QR-code-based verification system, becomes a beacon of your authenticity and direct affiliation, solidifying your credibility amongst clients and associates.

Unveiling Multifaceted Benefits and Growth Avenues
Your journey as an A' Design Award & Competition as an Authorized Seller and Service Provider becomes a cascading waterfall of benefits, where each drop symbolizes facets like brand prestige, business growth, and global recognition. Imagine your brand, now empowered by the mighty wings of the A' Design Award, embarking on a flight towards enhanced credibility and exponential visibility. With exclusive training sessions, you and your team gain insightful knowledge about the competition processes and emerging design trends, ensuring your consultancy mirrors contemporary relevance and expert advice. Furthermore, you are wrapped with dedicated support and bestowed with robust marketing materials, co-branding opportunities, and access to exclusive events, unraveling a world where your brand not only interacts with the design elite but also becomes a magnet, attracting a diverse, transnational clientele, and amplifying its global footprint.

Crafting Success Stories Together
Embarking on this journey as an A' Design Award & Competition as an Authorized Seller and Service Provider , you weave your success story with a globally recognized entity, sculpting a future where your business transcends boundaries, welcoming international recognition and appreciation. The ASP program serves as a conduit, enriching your brand with international flair, and opens doors to a realm where your services become interlinked with a globally celebrated design competition. Your dedication to aiding clients in presenting remarkable nominations becomes a pathway to creating new, consistent revenue streams and fosters client satisfaction and retention, all while your brand bathes in the limelight of global recognition. Engage with us, explore this avenue where every step is a stride towards collective triumph, and let’s together make design excellence a shared journey of success, recognition, and mutual prosperity.

Get in Touch: Unlock new business opportunities with A' Design Awards - become an Authorized Seller and Service Provider. Contact us now to start your journey towards enhanced profitability and global recognition.


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Exclusive Access and Pricing

Design Prize

Exclusive Access and Pricing
Our Exclusive Access and Pricing model, meticulously crafted for our esteemed Authorized Sales Partners (ASPs) presents you with access to nomination tickets at exclusive reseller pricing, allowing you to generate profit margins when selling at the recommended retail price. We are looking forward to see you engage with our unique ecosystem that not only accords you privileged access to nomination tickets at unmatched reseller pricing but also unveils a spectrum of possibilities to augment your profit margins through special pricing, bulk purchase benefits, and elite reseller privileges.

  • Special Pricing:
    Enjoy access to nomination tickets at exclusive reseller pricing, allowing you to generate profit margins when selling at the recommended retail price. Gain access to Tailored Pricing Model: Experience a pricing model sculpted to boost your profit margins that allows you to procure nomination tickets at a rate exclusively crafted for ASPs.

  • Bulk Purchase Benefits:
    Gain additional benefits and possibly better pricing tiers with bulk purchases of nomination tickets. Unlock Tiered Pricing Models: Ascend through varied pricing tiers that become progressively beneficial with increased volume purchases. Take advantage of volume discounts, whereby purchasing nomination tickets in bulk leads to enhanced savings and increased profitability per ticket.

  • Reseller Privileges:
    Avail of the privilege to access nomination tickets at an exclusive reseller pricing, even during late, last and omega entry periods, safeguarding your profit margins even when offering competitive pricing to your clients. Enjoy advance access to nomination tickets and special promotional offers, ensuring you are always a step ahead in the competitive market. Lock-in pricing for a specified period ensuring predictability in your investment and shielding you from any mid-season pricing fluctuations.

  • Bundling Options:
    Curate and offer bundled packages that include nomination tickets and your consultancy services, providing a comprehensive solution to clients while maximizing your revenue per transaction. Client-centric Packages: Develop client-centric packages by coupling nomination tickets with value-added services like consultancy and presentation development, enhancing your service offering. The convenience and perceived value of bundled offerings attract a wider array of clients who prefer straightforward, all-in-one solutions.

  • Increased Transaction Value:
    The combination of services and tickets in one package ensures higher revenue per transaction compared to selling each component separately. Customized, client-centric packages can often be priced at a premium due to the personalized value they provide.

  • Upselling Opportunity:
    Bundles allow you to upsell additional services within the scope of providing a complete package to the client. While tailoring packages, you have the opportunity to incorporate additional services that might be of value to the client, generating incremental revenue. We are delighted to extend to you our suite of add-on services, including Express Judging, Professional Preliminary Review, alongside an array of promotion, consultancy, and visualization services, with the utmost confidence and without requiring an advance payment.
Business Growth

Design Prize

Business Growth and Service Packages
Unlock an expansive horizon of possibilities with the A' Design Award and Competition by becoming an Authorized Seller and Service Provider (ASP). Engage in a prolific journey where your expertise not only fuels the aspirational pursuits of designers, architects, and enterprises aiming for international acclaim but also transforms these ambitions into substantial, consistent revenue streams for your business. From diversifying income via the sale of nomination tickets and consultancy services to sculpting a robust client retention strategy through end-to-end support, exclusive workshops, and expertly tiered service models, your venture into the ASP realm promises a symbiotic pathway where every design triumph becomes a shared success story.

  • New Revenue Streams:
    Create new and consistent revenue streams through the sale of nomination tickets and associated consultancy services. Help good brands, enterprises and agencies get recognized for their excellence.

  • Client Retention:
    Offer additional services related to A' Design Award nominations, such as consultancy and presentation assistance, to enhance client satisfaction and retention.

Business Growth - New Revenue Streams

  1. Comprehensive Design Solutions:
    Leverage the A' Design Award platform to provide a one-stop solution to clients, ensuring they have all the resources and support needed to submit a winning nomination. Use the free preliminary review and feedback system to your advantage.

  2. Expand Your Offerings:
    Integrate the sale of nomination tickets into your existing service portfolio, enriching your offerings and providing an all-encompassing solution to your clients. Provide all in one solution where you help with submission and post results processes for public relations and marketing.

  3. Consultation Expertise:
    Monetize your expertise by offering paid consultancy services, guiding clients through the nomination process and enhancing their chances of securing an award. Use our free preliminary score and review process to your advantage. Use our embedded public relations and promotion services, help your clients benefit and use our free services to their advantage and earn money while doing so.

  4. Exclusive Workshops and Webinars:
    Host exclusive workshops and webinars aimed at preparing clients for the competition, offering insight into successful nomination strategies, and design presentation techniques. Study presentation guidelines, which are offered free of charge to all participants, and explain them to clients. Explain winner services to clients and help them benefit and profit from our valuable public relations services.

  5. Bespoke Design Assistance:
    Offer specialized services like design refinement, presentation creation, and submission management to facilitate a seamless nomination process for your clients. You can use A' Design Award's free preliminary score service to your advantage, learn how to improve the presentations and charge your clients for sharing your insights and helping with the design process.

  6. Collaboration Opportunities:
    Form collaborations with design studios and freelancers, offering them exclusive pricing and generating a steady stream of clients through these partnerships. Indeed, we would recommend to start meetings with design associations, architecture associations and chamber of commerces to connect to wider audiences who maybe interested in spreading news about their good designs.

  7. Tiered Service Models:
    Develop various service tiers, ensuring you have offerings that cater to different client needs and budgets, maximizing your market reach and revenue potential. Below, we are providing with a few recommendations.

Basic Tier Advanced Tier Premium Tier
In this tier, you sell Nomination Tickets to your clients and provide them with guidance and support in your language. In this tier, you sell Nomination Tickets to your clients, and provide them with advanced guidance and expansive support in your language. In this tier, you are providing a Turn-Key service to help your clients present and nominate their work, as well as to fully utilize the A' Design Prize
  • Nomination Guidance:
    • Basic advisory on how to navigate through the nomination process and guidelines.

      Remember that we actually have detailed presentation guidelines that you could use free of charge, you may however wish to customize or translate these to your language.

  • Submission Assistance:
    • Step-by-step guidance on submission protocols and documentation.

      You can use our entry instruction page for your self guidance, or charge extra to takeover the submission process for your clients.

  • Initial Design Review:
    • A preliminary assessment of client designs to provide rudimentary insights and suggestions.

      You can just use our free preliminary score process to help your clients gain more insights, you can translate, explain better the jury feedbacks provided free of charge within preliminary checknig service.

  • Query Support:
    • Limited hours of customer support for addressing queries related to nominations and submissions.

      You can just forward difficult questions to our support, and we will take it over from there.

  • Self-Help Resources:
    • Access to a curated set of self-help resources, templates, and guidelines.

      You may use our FAQ pages, or simply contact our support to get help and assistance. Remember, we are here to help you with each and every step of your journey.
  • Dedicated Consultancy:
    • Assign a dedicated consultant to guide clients throughout the submission process.

  • Strategic Design Evaluation:
    • A thorough review of design submissions with constructive feedback and improvement suggestions.

      Make sure to use our preliminary checks and review process to your advantage. Alternatively you may consider ordering Professional Preliminary Evaluation and Judging Service (PPEJS) at discount, to gain laser focused insights.

  • Presentation Optimization:
    • Assistance in refining and enhancing the presentation of their design entries.

      Remember that we are already here to help you with Preliminary Checking Service, completely free of charge.

  • Submission Management:
    • Managing the submission process on behalf of the client, ensuring all guidelines are adhered to.

      Our preliminary review process, guidelines and team will help you.

  • Priority Support:
    • Faster response times and priority support for any queries or issues.

      Especially, providing support in local language may be very relevant and useful for the laureates.

  • Marketing Insights:
    • Insights into promotional strategies for their designs and upcoming opportunities in the A’ Design Award.

      For example, consider requesting Portfolio Evaluation and Review Service on behalf of your client, which we will provide you with great discount.
  • Exclusive Mentorship:
    • Personalized mentorship from seasoned design experts to refine and elevate their designs.

  • Full-Spectrum Submission Handling:
    • Complete management of the submission process, from documentation to final submission.

  • Customized Presentation Crafting:
    • Tailor-made design presentations crafted by experienced design strategists. You can charge for visualization or photography.

  • Exclusive Workshops:
    • Access to exclusive workshops aimed at honing their design and presentation skills.

  • Priority & Unlimited Support:
    • Unrestricted access to customer support and a dedicated account manager.

  • Promotional Spotlight:
    • Feature their designs in your marketing campaigns, website, and other promotional activities.

  • Post-Award Support:
    • Guidance on leveraging the award for marketing purposes and brand building post-winning.

  • Access to Insider Events:
    • Invitations to exclusive events, webinars, and forums hosted by the A’ Design Award and Competitions.

  • Strategic Brand Collaboration:
    • Assistance in leveraging the award for brand partnerships, collaborations, and further design opportunities.

  • Local Media Promotion and PR:
    • Consider providing your client with press release distribution, media outreach and public relations within your country or territory.

Additional Considerations for Service Provision:

  • Flexible Payment Options:
    Offering a range of payment options and plans across all tiers to cater to varying financial capacities.

  • Custom Packages:
    Ability to create custom packages by adding or subtracting services according to the specific needs of a client.

  • Client Journey Mapping:
    Developing a clear client journey for each tier to ensure all client touchpoints are optimized and value-generating.

  • Feedback Loops:
    Ensuring mechanisms for client feedback are embedded in each service tier to continually refine and enhance the offerings.

Important: Regardless of level of service you choose to provide to your clients, your clients must have their own A' Design Award accounts, they must agree to A' Design Award Terms and Conditions. If you wish to provide turn-key service, you may ask your client to provide you with unique email accounts which they may use for A' Design Awards entry, however the initial sign-up must be done by your client to ensure we have a legal basis of providing them with the services.

Client Retention

  1. End-to-End Support:
    Foster client loyalty by providing thorough end-to-end support throughout the nomination process, ensuring they perceive you as a reliable and indispensable partner. Consider helping your clients to enjoy full spectrum of A' Design Prize benefits.

  2. Client Success Stories:
    Showcase client success stories and testimonials, proving the efficacy of your services and positioning yourself as a pivotal player in their achievements. Consider helping your client by promoting their award-winning works.

  3. Loyalty Programs:
    Implement loyalty programs that offer clients exclusive benefits, discounts, or complimentary services on repeated engagements or referrals. Treat your clients with respect and show interest in helping them with all things A' Design Awards.

  4. Customized Client Solutions:
    Offer tailor-made solutions that cater specifically to individual client needs, ensuring they recognize the unique and indispensable value you bring to their nomination journey. Think how you can help your clients gain more value out of their participation.

  5. Continuous Engagement:
    Engage clients with regular updates about upcoming competitions, insider tips, and potential opportunities, keeping your services top of mind throughout the year. Keep an active calendar, follow up clients, and remind them about deadlines.

  6. Feedback and Improvement:
    Actively seek and visibly implement client feedback, ensuring they see their opinions valued and acted upon, thereby solidifying their trust and loyalty. Provide us with your experience and feedback and we will improve the A' Design Awards to serve you better.

  7. Client Appreciation:
    Recognize and celebrate your client’s achievements, milestones, and wins at the A’ Design Award, ensuring they associate their success with your valuable services. Show interest and attention in promoting them as winners.

  8. Dedicated Client Managers:
    Assign dedicated client managers who work closely with clients to understand their objectives and challenges, thereby offering personalized solutions and building a trusting relationship. Make sure your client feels supported.
Marketing & Promotion

Design Prize

Marketing and Promotion
Harnessing the exemplary prestige of the A’ Design Award, Authorized Sellers and Service Providers (ASPs) are afforded unparalleled access to an expansive suite of premium marketing materials and co-branding opportunities, meticulously engineered to elevate their promotional endeavors. With an arsenal of intricately crafted brochures, digital content, and more, alongside the esteemed recognition associated with A’ Design Award's co-branding, you can seamlessly amplify your marketing narrative, underscoring your offerings with a symbol of global design excellence. This strategic alliance not only augments the visibility and impact ofyour promotional activities but also solidifies their position within the echelons of the design industry, intertwining your services with a quality and innovation in design.

  • Marketing Materials:
    Access to robust marketing materials and support to facilitate effective promotion of the A' Design Award. Provide robust marketing materials and support for your clients.

  • Co-Branding Opportunities:
    Utilize the A' Design Award logo and other branding materials to enhance your marketing campaigns and website. Help your clients utilize the A' Design Award logo to promote their winning projects.

Marketing Materials:

  1. Brochures and Flyers:
    • Create elegant brochures that encapsulate the essence, importance, and grandeur of the A’ Design Award.
    • Develop informational flyers highlighting key dates, categories, and benefits of participating in the awards.
    • Use our borchures and flyers that we make available at our downloads section.

  2. Digital Content:
    • Design email templates for various campaigns targeting different segments: potential nominees, past participants, and design institutes.
    • Develop infographics that visually represent the process, benefits, and impact of winning an A’ Design Award.
    • When you infographics and visual images, we are pleased to promote and share them in our social media.

  3. Videos:
    • Create a high-quality promotional video showcasing glimpses of previous award ceremonies, jury sessions, and winner testimonials.
    • Develop tutorial videos explaining the nomination process, selection criteria, and tips on creating a winning entry.
    • When you create videos, we are pleased to provide you with complimentary digital nomination tickets which you can sell, at full profit.

  4. Social Media Kits:
    • Provide a set of post templates, banners, and stories formatted for various social media platforms.
    • Generate a calendar of suggested posts, featuring key dates, tips, and highlights from previous competitions.
    • Consider using our templates, banners and posters which we make available at downloads section.

  5. Press Kits:
    • Prepare press releases that ASPs can personalize and distribute in their respective regions.
    • Develop a media contact list, categorized by region and industry, which can be used for press release distributions.
    • You may also make use of our Press Release Tools and /DESIGN/newswire services.

  6. Event Materials:
    • Design banners, standees, and backdrops for use in local events, exhibitions, or workshops.
    • Create event scripts and presentations to utilize during promotional events or information sessions.
    • We are pleased to provide you with templates and visual graphics for creating such materials.

  7. Merchandise:
    • Design branded merchandise like pens, notebooks, and T-shirts that can be used as giveaways during promotional activities.
    • Create award replicas or sample certificates that can be showcased during client meetings or events.
    • We are pleased to provide you with sample certificates, yearbooks, and merchandise. We have a special Authorized Reseller Merchandise Kit, which contains these items: 5 Trophies (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron), 2 Winner Flags, 3-5 Yearbooks (of current edition, different volumes depending on availability), 5 Pens, 5 Bags, 5 Pins, 5 Posters, 5 Notebooks, 1 Framed Certificate + other items, especially for design exhibitions.

  8. Presentations:
    • Develop a standard PowerPoint/Keynote presentation detailing A’ Design Award, which can be used during meetings with potential nominees.
    • Create case studies showcasing previous winners and the impact the award had on their career or business.
    • We are here to help you with visuals, logos and graphics for your presentation. You may use our downloads page to gain access to these.

Co-Branding Opportunities:

  1. Logo Usage:
    • ASPs can utilize the A' Design Award logo in their marketing materials, email signatures, and website.
    • You have access to various formats and versions of the logo for different use cases (print, digital, merchandise).
    • For the Authorized Sellers and Service Providers (ASPs) utilizing the A’ Design Award logo, it's imperative to maintain the sanctity and reputation of the A' Design Award brand by adhering to stringent guidelines. Firstly, the logo should always be used as provided, without alterations to its color, orientation, or design, ensuring brand consistency. A comprehensive logo usage guideline detailing the acceptable applications, minimum size, clearance space, and color variations are available at Award Logo Usage Guidelines. Furthermore, ASPs are mandated to seek approval for any promotional material where the A’ Design Award logo is employed, to ensure it aligns with the brand’s values and public image. The logo usage should also comply with local and international trademark laws, safeguarding against unauthorized or misleading applications that could falsely imply direct endorsements or partnerships beyond the defined scope of the ASP program. Clear legal documentation and agreements detailing the allowable extent, contexts, and platforms for logo use, as well as potential consequences for misuse, should be firmly established and communicated to all participating ASPs, ensuring legal clarity and maintaining the esteemed reputation of the A’ Design Award in all collaborative ventures.
    • We will provide you with special A' Design Award Authorized Seller and Service Provider Logo that you can use.

  2. Joint Campaigns:
    • We are ready to collaborate on campaigns where both the ASP and A' Design Award brands are prominently featured.
    • We are ready to explore joint participation in design events, webinars, or workshops.

  3. Website Collaboration:
    • We will feature ASPs on the A' Design Award website and vice versa, creating a reciprocal acknowledgment on digital platforms.
    • Provide badges or widgets that ASPs can integrate into their website, confirming their authorized status.
    • You will be listed at our "Authorized Seller's List" with your contact details, such as phone, name, website. This is good for verification of you as an esteemed ASP and you may have the benefit of gaining clients from this page.

  4. Newsletter Mentions:
    • Mention or feature A' Design Awards in newsletters you send to your subscriber base.
    • Feature news and updates from A’ Design Award in your communications.

  5. Certification Display:
    • You are allowed to showcase your Authorized Reseller Certificate in your physical locations and digital platforms.
    • You can use the digital badge indicating “Authorized Seller and Service Provider” status that can be displayed on websites and email signatures.

  6. Collaborative Content:
    • We are open to co-create blog posts, articles, or case studies that can be shared across both A' Design Award and your social media and platforms.
    • We are ready to develop joint webinars or live sessions exploring design trends, award tips, and insights, upon availability.

  7. Local Advertisements:
    • You should explore opportunities to feature A' Design Award in various media, by means of advertisements.
    • Feature the A’ Design Award in your localized advertising campaigns.

  8. Social Media Shoutouts:
    • We are open to engage in mutual promotion on social media, where we can feature each other’s content occasionally.
    • We have created a hashtag unique to the ASP program and we encourage its use for broader visibility within the design community. #adesignawardasp
Support and Communication

Design Prize

Dedicated Support and Regular Updates
Engage and enhance the A' Design Award experience for your clients through uncompromised, professional Dedicated Support and Regular Updates. As an Award Service Provider (ASP), the A' Design Award expects you to uphold a stellar standard of client assistance, navigating them seamlessly through their award journey by utilizing our vast knowledge base and utilizing meticulous issue resolution practices. Concurrently, ensure that your clientele is perpetually informed and engaged through regular, insightful updates, inclusive of pivotal award information, success stories, and data insights, fostering an informed and inspiring participation environment. Your role as an ASP is paramount in sustaining an enriched, supportive, and transparent communication channel between the A' Design Award and its participants, thereby facilitating a smoother, and potentially successful, award participation trajectory.

  • Dedicated Support:
    Receive dedicated support and communication from the A' Design Award team to ensure smooth operations and transactions. Provide dedicated support and communication to your premium clients.

  • Regular Updates:
    Stay updated with regular newsletters and communications regarding any changes, updates, or news related to the A' Design Award. Update your clients with latest news, trends, success stories and changes to terms.

Dedicated Support

  1. Support Channels:  
    • Utilize various channels like email, chat, and phone support to assist your clients as an ASP.
    • Implement a ticketing system for structured issue tracking and resolution for your clients whenever possible, it is best to stay organized.
    • When you cannot help your client yourself, we will take it over and provide support.

  2. Knowledge Base:
    • We have developed a comprehensive online knowledge base and detailed documentation for each service to help you self-serve basic inquiries and issues for your clients.
    • We are pleased to present your with access to our FAQs, guides, and tutorials to streamline the process of helping your clients.
    • When the Knowledge Base, FAQ and Documentation is not enough, we are here to help you.

  3. Onboarding Assistance:
    • Provide initial training and walkthroughs to familiarize your clients with entry processes, tools, and platforms. Explain your client the A' Design Award and benefits.
    • Provide your clients who are using your "Basic" tiers with guidelines, policies, and marketing materials.
    • Provide direct assistence to your clients who are using your "Advanced" and "Premium" tiers.

  4. Relationship Management:
    • Assign a dedicated account manager or support representative for each client.
    • Conduct regular check-ins or review meetings to ensure your client's needs and concerns are addressed.
    • We are here to help, and we can provide many services to help your client, including but not limited to services for visualization, review, feedback.

  5. Issue Resolution:
    • Create a clear process for issue escalation and resolution.
    • Ensure transparent communication regarding issue status and expected resolution times.
    • Stop issues before they start; never make empty promises to your clients. Never ever guarantee their success at the A' Design Awards; it is good to remember while the preliminary score is often quite reliable and there is a strong positive correlation of success, the final results always remain with the grand jury; it is important your client knows this. You may however inform them about our second chance policy.

  6. Feedback Loops:
    • Implement mechanisms to gather feedback from your clients regarding the support and overall program, and whether they are happy with overall exposure and recognition.
    • Utilize feedback to improve and optimize support services and provide A' Design Award with ideas, recommendations and suggestions to make it better, using our inhouse feedback system.

Regular Updates

  1. Newsletter Content:
    • Curate relevant and useful content including insights into winning designs, jury comments, and upcoming dates/deadlines.
    • Highlight any updates or changes in the nomination process, pricing, or policies.
    • Share success stories with other clients, send inspiration newsletters to clients, especially those working in design departments.

  2. Communication Channels:
    • Utilize various channels like emails, webinars, and virtual meetings to disseminate updates.
    • Establish a portal/dashboard where your clients can log in and view the latest news and updates.
    • Keep an active social media profile to keep your clients updated and educated.

  3. Event Announcements:
    • Ensure timely communication regarding upcoming events, award ceremonies, and networking sessions.
    • Provide necessary materials and information to help your clients promote events to their clientele.
    • Remind your clients about the entry deadlines and procedures.

  4. Marketing and Sales Updates:
    • Share any new marketing materials, campaigns, or promotional activities with A' Design Awards and let us stay updated with your efforts.
    • Update your clients about any special offers, discounts, or incentives they can utilize or offer to their clients.
    • Engage in one to one meeting with clients to help them with ideas for promotion and marketing.

  5. Policy and Process Changes:
    • Clearly communicate any modifications in policies, terms, or processes.
    • Offer guidance on how to navigate and implement these changes in your dealings with your clients.
    • Help your clients be compliant with our terms.

  6. Success Stories:
    • Share stories of previous winners and successful nominations to inspire and guide your clients for making winner entries.
    • Highlight any notable achievements or milestones of the A' Design Award.
    • Share World Design Rankings, World Design Consortium updates, and promote design of the day and designer of the day in your social media.

  7. Data and Insights:
    • Share data regarding nomination trends, popular categories, and geographical insights.
    • Provide information on design trends and themes that are garnering attention.
    • Give suggestions to clients which projects they should be nominating to which category.

  8. Training and Development:
    • Announce upcoming training sessions, workshops, and development programs for your clients.
    • Offer resources and materials post-training for your clients to refer back to.
    • Direct your "Basic" tier clients to us for help, provide direct support to your "Advanced" and "Premium" tier clients yourself.
Application Process

Design Prize

Marketing and Promotion Support
Embark on a journey to collaborate with the A' Design Award & Competitions by becoming an Authorized Seller and Service Provider (ASP). Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to navigate through the application process.

Step 1: Preliminary Understanding

  • Inform Yourself:
    Ensure you understand the roles, responsibilities, and benefits of becoming an ASP by thoroughly reading through the program details as explained in this page.

  • Assess Your Eligibility:
    Ensure your entity complies with the requirements and standards set by A' Design Award. Below, we list eligibility conditions. Please note that A' Design Award winners, as esteemed laureates, are exempt from the detailed review process. Their exceptional creations, which have already met and surpassed our rigorous adjudication standards, inherently attest to their capabilities and discerning eye for design. These talented individuals, through their innovative projects and products, have demonstrated not only their commitment to enhancing global aesthetics but also to contributing positively and meaningfully to our shared world. We, at the A' Design Award & Competitions, inherently trust our winners, recognizing them as entities that uphold the highest design, ethical, and professional standards. Their proven ability to conceive and realize designs that stand out for their innovation, functionality, and aesthetic appeal speaks to their potential to act as admirable ambassadors for our brand. The exceptional quality of their work, which has been validated through our comprehensive judging process, establishes a foundation of trust and mutual respect. Consequently, we believe in their capacity to embody and promote the esteemed values and reputation of the A' Design Award & Competitions. Thus, laureates are granted a streamlined pathway to participate in the Authorized Seller and Service Provider program, acknowledging their established affinity with our organizational ethos and an implicit understanding of the design excellence we seek to champion. In entrusting our laureates with this privileged position, we celebrate and extend our partnership with those who have not only enriched the realm of design but have also proven their mettle in the global arena through their award-winning contributions.

    • Business Credibility and Expertise:
      • History: Established business history and previous experiences in a relevant field.
      • Reputation: Maintain a good standing in the industry with positive reviews and feedback.
      • Expertise: Adequate knowledge and skills in marketing, sales, and consultancy within the design industry.

      2. Financial Stability:
      • Solvency: Demonstrate financial solvency to manage the financial aspects of being an ASP.
      • Revenue: A stable revenue stream and a healthy financial statement.

      3. Operational Capacity:
      • Infrastructure: Adequate infrastructure to manage client consultations, sales, and support.
      • Team: A team with requisite skills in sales, marketing, and customer service.

      4. Market Understanding:
      • Target Audience: An understanding of the target audience for A’ Design Awards.
      • Competition: Awareness of the competitive landscape in the design award industry.

      5. Legal Compliance:
      • Business Registration: Ensure your business is legally registered and compliant with local laws.
      • Tax Compliance: Adhere to tax regulations and ensure clear financial documentation.

      6. Ethical and Quality Standards:
      • Ethics: Engage in ethical business practices and transparent dealings with clients.
      • Quality Assurance: Deliver high-quality services aligning with the reputation of A’ Design Award.

      7. Marketing and Sales Capability:
      • Marketing Expertise: Ability to develop and implement effective marketing strategies.
      • Sales Strategy: Established sales processes to manage ticket sales efficiently.

      8. Client Management:
      • Client Services: Ability to assist clients throughout the nomination process effectively.
      • Conflict Resolution: Effective mechanisms for managing and resolving client issues.

      9. Technological Proficiency:
      • Technical Expertise: Ability to manage digital platforms, online sales, and client communications.
      • Security: Ensure secure online transactions and client data protection.

      10. Alignment with A’ Design Award’s Values:
      • Brand Alignment: Shared values and objectives with A’ Design Award & Competitions.
      • Dedication: Commitment towards promoting design excellence and the prestige of the A' Design Awards.

      11. Geographical Considerations:
      • Territorial Knowledge: Understanding of the local market, culture, and business practices.
      • Language: Proficiency in the local language for effective communication and marketing.

      12. Risk Management:
      • Contingency Planning: Robust plans to manage risks and unexpected challenges.
      • Insurance: Appropriate insurance coverages to mitigate potential business risks.

      13. Environmental and Social Responsibility:
      • Sustainability: Practices that indicate a commitment to environmental sustainability.
      • Social Contribution: Positive contributions and engagements in social causes.

Step 2: Registration and Application Fee

  • Create an Account:
    Register an account on the A' Design Award & Competitions’ official website.

  • Application Fee:
    There is a non-refundable application review fee. A' Design Award laureates are exempt from this review fee.
    • Pay the application review fee of 180.000 EUR via wiretransfer only. We will send you a proforma invoice before this. Please kindly note that this fee includes hosting you in Italy in a hotel of our choice, and providing you 6 weeks training in Italy, encompassing hands-on training, real-world case studies, and direct mentorship from top A’ Design Award management. You will also have access to proprietary design tools, trade secrets, databases, and platforms that would otherwise be inaccessible or expensive. We will furthermore provide a certain amount of complimentary advertising and feature your services on A’ Design Award's main website, newsletter, and social media platforms for a limited time, at our sole discretion. Moreover, you will receive 50 all purpose pro-nomination tickets and 50 all purpose digital-nomination tickets that could be used by any account type, a total of 100 tickets that you can resell. You will also receive the starter merchandise kit, feedback and consultation as well as extended priority support, as well as a advantaged reseller pricing.
    • Note for A' Design Award Laureates: If you are an esteemed laureate of the A’ Design Award, with a valid license and declaration already provided and your work already announced as a winner, we are pleased to inform you that you are privileged to have your application reviewed free of charge. Simply validate your laureate status during the application to avail this benefit. For free of charge review, it is good to remember, we will not provide the extensive benefits for paying applicants that are listed above, including but not limited to hosting and training in Italy, we are able to offer you completely free of charge application since you already know how entry works, have the yearbooks and merchandise to show, and have an understanding of our submission procedures, judging, nomination and post competition benefits.

  • Initiation Fee:
    Initiation fee is 6.300 EUR if your application is approved, and is completely free of charge for A' Design Award laureates.

  • Setup Fee:
    Certificate and setup fee is 2.870 EUR, and is paid only if your application is approved, this fee is reduced to 800 EUR for A' Design Award laureates. This includes a limited showcase kit that contains trophies, yearbooks, and various merchandise as well as framed certificate.

  • Renewal Fee:
    Maintain your esteemed status as an Authorized Seller with a renewal fee of just 200 EUR. We're pleased to waive this fee for our high-performing partners who achieve sales of at least 50 tickets within an 18-month period.

  • Total Investment:
    The cumulative fee, comprising the Application Fee + Initiation Fee + Setup Fee, amounts to 189,170 EUR. This is a significant investment but is required for us to conduct the detailed review process and trust your instition. On the other hand, For our cherished A' Design Award Winners, the streamlined fee totals to a modest 800 EUR. Our structured fee system is meticulously crafted, aiming to acknowledge and honor A' Design Award Winners for their instrumental role in elevating global design standards and contributing towards creating a better future through exemplary designs. The significantly reduced fees for our laureates are not merely incentives but a tangible acknowledgment of their demonstrated skill and commitment to good design practices. We entrust our laureates with the capacity to not only uphold but also propagate the esteemed reputation and ethos of the A' Design Award & Competition, fostering its growth and influence on the global design landscape. By facilitating their inclusion in our Authorized Seller Program with minimal financial investment, we aim to further amplify their impact, enabling them to guide and influence the next generation of award-winning designers, creators, architects, and brands. Together, with our A' Design Award Winners, we continue our collaborative journey towards promoting, nurturing, and recognizing exemplary design that endeavors to enhance and enrich our world and experiences.

Step 3: Complete the Application Form

  • Fill Out the Application:
    Access and complete the ASP Application Form with pertinent details about your business, expertise, and motivation behind wanting to become an ASP. Download Authorized Seller Application From here.

  • Attach Relevant Documents:
    Upload necessary documents such as your business license, previous work portfolio, and any other documents that substantiate your application.

Step 4: Review and Acceptance

  • Application Review:
    Your application and attached documents will undergo a thorough review by the A’ Design Award team.

  • Notification of Status:
    You will be notified of your application status via email, whether it is accepted, pending further documentation, or rejected.

Step 5: Agreement and Certification

  • Sign the Agreement:
    Upon acceptance, review and sign the Authorized Seller and Service Provider Agreement, adhering to the terms and conditions laid out by A' Design Award.

  • Receive Your Certificate:
    You will be bestowed with the Authorized Reseller Certificate, symbolizing your official association with the A’ Design Award & Competitions.

Step 6: Induction and Training

  • Undergo Training:
    Participate in training sessions provided by A' Design Award to understand the nomination process, pricing structures, and marketing strategies in depth.

  • Access Materials:
    Gain access to exclusive marketing materials, branding guidelines, and technological tools offered by A' Design Award.

Step 7: Start Selling

  • Activate Your ASP Status:
    Launch your ASP operations by initiating marketing campaigns, engaging with clients, and selling nomination tickets.

  • Adhere to Compliance:
    Ensure all business and sales operations align with the stipulations and ethical guidelines provided by the A’ Design Award.

Step 8: Continuous Collaboration and Review

  • Engage in Ongoing Support:
    Leverage continuous support, updates, and resources provided by A' Design Award to enhance your ASP activities.

  • Annual Review:
    Participate in annual reviews to ensure your operations align with A' Design Award's standards, and explore opportunities for further collaboration.

Step 9: Renewal

  • Evaluate Your Performance:
    Review the performance and profitability of being an ASP as you approach the end of your agreement term.

  • Initiate Renewal:
    If mutually agreeable, engage in the renewal process to continue being an esteemed A' Authorized Seller and Service Provider.
Download ASP Application Forms

Induction and Training

Design Prize

Induction and Training Support
Embarking on a journey as an A' Design Award Authorized Seller and Service Provider (ASP) entails a rich learning and development trajectory, designed meticulously to uphold and convey the illustrious reputation of the A' Design Award & Competitions. Our Induction and Training process unfolds a meticulous training regimen and resource accessibility, to empower ASPs with a comprehensive understanding of our awards, adept sales strategies, and client management proficiencies, whilst ensuring adherence to our prestigious brand's standards and ethos. With a blend of structured training modules and exclusive access to an array of marketing and operational materials, we pave the way for our ASPs to not only thrive in their ventures but also to become esteemed ambassadors of the A' Design Award brand across global platforms.

Authorized Seller Program Training

  1. Welcome Orientation:
    • Welcome Webinar: Introduction to the A’ Design Award team, ethos, and insights into the award's global impact.
    • Award History and Significance: Communicating the prestige and value of winning the A’ Design Award.

  2. Product Knowledge:
    • Award Categories Exploration: Deep dive into various award categories, criteria, and past winners.
    • Understanding Nomination Tickets: Comprehensive understanding of the features, value, and distinct aspects of the nomination tickets.

  3. Sales and Marketing Training:
    • Selling Strategies: Mastering the art of selling nomination tickets effectively and ethically.
    • Marketing and Promotion: Learning effective marketing techniques, utilizing various platforms and media to promote nomination tickets.

  4. Client Management:
    • Client Interaction and Relationship Building: Skills to manage, retain, and build fruitful relationships with clients.
    • Handling Queries: Effective strategies to address client inquiries, objections, and challenges.

  5. Ethical and Legal Compliance:
    • Ethical Selling: Ensuring that ASPs follow transparent and moral practices while representing A' Design Award.
    • Legal Compliance: Navigating through the legalities, respecting intellectual property, and adhering to contractual obligations.

  6. Technology Utilization:
    • Utilizing the ASP Portal: Training on how to use the digital platform for tracking sales, commissions, and client management.
    • Digital Security: Ensuring secure online transactions and safeguarding client information.

  7. Case Studies and Scenario Training:
    • Real-life Cases: Understanding through practical scenarios and problem-solving strategies.
    • Peer Interactions: Engaging in forums and discussions to learn from experienced ASPs.

  8. Continuous Learning and Updates:
    • Seasonal Updates: Staying informed about any changes or additions to the award categories or nomination processes.
    • Regular Webinars: Participating in webinars to gain insights into updated selling strategies and award developments.

Access Materials

Providing resources to ASPs to uphold brand consistency, enhance marketing efforts, and ensure efficient operations.

  1. Marketing Materials:
    • Brochures and Catalogs: Detailed information about awards and nominations to be shared with prospective nominees.
    • Multimedia Content: Videos, images, and other content for promotional activities across various media.

  2. Branding Guidelines:
    • Brand Book: Ensuring consistent use of A’ Design Award’s logos, colors, typography, and imagery.
    • Authorized Seller Logo: Utilization of a special ASP logo to showcase the official partnership.

  3. Technological Tools:
    • ASP Portal: A dedicated online platform for managing sales, client interactions, and accessing resources.
    • Automation Tools: Tools to automate various client communication and marketing processes.

  4. Sales Support:
    • Sales Scripts: Guided scripts to navigate through sales conversations effectively and professionally.
    • Proposal Templates: Tailored templates to assist in crafting compelling proposals for potential clients.

  5. Customer Service and Support Tools:
    • FAQ Guide: A comprehensive guide to answer client queries accurately and consistently.
    • Support Channels: Dedicated channels for ASPs to seek assistance or clarify doubts.

  6. Reporting Templates:
    • Sales Report: Standardized templates to report sales, client acquisition, and feedback.
    • Client Interaction Log: To maintain a systematic record of all interactions with clients and leads.

  7. Legal and Ethical Compliance Guides:
    • Compliance Manual: A handbook detailing the legal and ethical standards to be upheld by ASPs.
    • Legal Document Templates: Standard templates for contracts, agreements, and other legal documents.


Transaction & Operation

Design Prize

Step by Step Detailed Transaction and Operation Flow
Embrace an innovative and financially prudent partnership model designed meticulously to enhance the profitability and operational efficiency of our Authorized Sales Partners (ASPs). Leveraging a robust credit system, ASPs are endowed with the flexibility to sell nomination tickets without an initial financial outlay, ensuring advantageous cash flow management while maintaining a controlled debt system. This synergistic approach not only optimizes your revenue through strategic pricing and tiered service offerings but also ensures you cater to a diverse clientele with tailored support levels, thereby bolstering client satisfaction and loyalty. With a particular emphasis on prioritizing enterprise account types, the model underscores maximizing profits and steady ticket purchases, all while ensuring the intricacies of transactions and operations are streamlined through a meticulously crafted flow. From transparent client dealings to semi-annual settlements, this model establishes a foundation for both fiscal and operational excellence, nurturing a sustainable and fruitful partnership for our ASPs.

1. Credit System:

  • We provide you with a credit account, allowing you to sell nomination tickets upfront without initial financial expenditure.
  • Your credit account enables you to sell nomination tickets upfront, without paying upfront.
  • Utilizing a credit provision from A' Design Awards ensures that the financial balance is always in your favor. While A' Design Awards will never be in a position of owing you, you maintain a controlled debt to A' Design Awards. This system offers you advantageous cash flow management, providing both financial flexibility and control throughout our partnership.
2. Pricing and Profit:
  • Sell nomination tickets at the A' Design Award's Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).
  • Charge clients a markup of your choosing (e.g., a higher than MSRP).
  • At year-end, we charge you a discounted rate (e.g., less than MSRP), ensuring your profit per sale.
  • Employ a strategic pricing approach by assigning a client markup at your discretion, which can be moderately above the MSRP, aligning with the additional services you provide. Depending on the tier of service—basic, advanced, or premium—your charge should reflect the corresponding value addition. To recap, the 'Basic Tier' involves selling Nomination Tickets along with providing elementary guidance in your language. In the 'Advanced Tier,' you’ll enhance this by providing advanced guidance and extensive support, while the 'Premium Tier' involves offering a comprehensive Turn-Key service to fully assist clients in presenting, nominating, and maximizing the A’ Design Prize. Naturally, a higher level of service and support justifies a superior premium, optimizing your revenue while ensuring client satisfaction.
3. Discount Tiers:
  • End-of-year discounts, determined by annual sales volume, typically range between a modest and a moderately high percentage.
  • Discounts can potentially reach a higher cap, but generally expect a lower standard rate.
  • Benefit from a guaranteed minimum discount of 10% on professional nomination tickets and 20% on digital nomination tickets, with the potential for increased discounts subject to the overall sum total.
4. Flexible Payment, No Upfront Costs:
  • Define ticket prices via Nomination Fee Calculator or our support team.
  • Clients pay you directly and receive their tickets upon your receipt of their payment.
  • Ensure you invoice clients upon receiving their payments.
  • Consolidate payments to us semi-annually on set dates.
5. Handling Direct Client Payments:
  • In the uncommon event that a client chooses to remit payment for nomination tickets directly to us instead of you, your timely communication is crucial to facilitate accurate and expedient settlements. Kindly notify us via email within 7 days of the transaction to enable streamlined management of the financial process under these specific circumstances. The settlement procedure will diverge as follows:

    • Firstly, we will generate an invoice, directing it to the client for their payment.
    • Following this, we will solicit an invoice from you to us, outlining your commission for the particular transaction.
    • Once your invoice is received, your commission will be disbursed to you promptly.
    • At our exclusive discretion, we may opt to streamline operations by holding this balance, allowing for a simplified settlement process. Consequently, during the annual settlement dates, such balances will be strategically deducted from the amounts you owe us, ensuring a smooth and coherent financial interaction.

    It's worth noting that a majority of clients may favor local payments, primarily due to the ease it offers and the provision to secure a fiscal invoice for tax deduction purposes. Your swift communication in the event of direct payments to us is essential to uphold a clear and orderly financial rapport.

    Please be aware that for any add-on services, clients should remit payment directly to you, not to us. We advocate for a structure where clients pay you directly and maintain their status as your clients. Our preference leans towards a model where client relationships, including financial transactions for additional services, are managed and maintained on your end, solidifying your client relationships and streamlining financial interactions.

6. Annual Settlement:
  • At the annual reconciliation, remit payment for all tickets sold with your accumulated discount applied, streamlining your cash flow all year.
  • We will invoice you during the annual settlements on April 8 and October 8, resetting the balances every six months.
  • Your payments to us must be made latest by April 15th and October 15th.
7. Highly Detailed Step by Step Transaction and Operation Flow:
  • Step 1: Calculate Fee and Add Value:
    • Determine the Nomination Fee.
    • Add your premium for additional services, according to your service tiers (basic, premium, advanced).

  • Step 2: Fee Verification:
    • Confirm the total fee (Nomination Fee + your premium) with our support.

  • Step 3: Client Confirmation:
    • Present and confirm the total fee (Nomination Fee + your premium) with the client.

  • Step 4: Payment from Client:
    • Clients pay you directly.
    • Issue an invoice to the client.

  • Step 5: Provision of Services:
    • In Basic Tier, sell Nomination Tickets and provide guidance and support in your language.
    • In Advanced Tier, sell Nomination Tickets and deliver advanced guidance and expansive support.
    • In Premium Tier, provide a comprehensive Turn-Key service, assisting clients in presenting, nominating their work, and fully utilizing the A' Design Prize.

    Step 5: Nomination Ticket Issuance:
    • Request and we issue the nomination ticket, ideally after client payment to mitigate financial risk.

  • Step 6: Balance Verification and Invoicing:
    • On October 8th and April 8th, we verify balances and send your invoice.

  • Step 7: Payment to A' Design Awards:
    • Settle your payment to us (applying your discount) on October 15th and April 15th.

  • Step 8: Continued Provision of Services:
    • Continue delivering services according to your commitment and the selected service tier.
    • Provide post-competition support, especially for advanced and premium tier clients.
    • Help clients to make new entries for next edition.
8. Prioritize Enterprise Account Types:
  • Prioritize nurturing relationships with enterprises, as they tend to engage in transactions of higher value, fostering a stable stream of ticket purchases. The intrinsic benefits of your tailored services, especially in advanced or premium tiers, align seamlessly with the multifaceted needs of such establishments.

To remind you, our recommended sales and support tiers are as noted, of course you can make your own sales packages as you see fit. Enterprises, usually navigating through diverse and often complex projects, naturally gravitate towards services that alleviate the intricate tasks involved in nomination processes. The advanced and premium tiers not only satiate this need by offering thorough support and guidance but also ensure that their nominations are polished, effectively presented, and fully utilizing the A' Design Prize, thereby enhancing the likelihood of successful outcomes and ongoing partnership.

  • Basic Tier: Offers fundamental assistance, where you sell Nomination Tickets coupled with basic guidance, serving as a language-conducive support system, apt for clients requiring minimal hands-on assistance.

  • Advanced Tier: Upscales the service provision by incorporating extensive guidance and expanded support, pivotal for entities that might navigate through more complex nomination processes or seek enhanced assistance.

  • Premium Tier: Tailors a comprehensive Turn-Key service, wherein you not only assist clients in presenting and nominating their work but also ensure they are maximizing the A' Design Prize effectively, aligning particularly well with enterprises often dealing with higher-stakes nominations and desiring a smooth, fully-assisted journey through the award process.

Key Points:

  • Tickets are sold at MSRP, and your discounted rate, calculated from MSRP, is applied at year-end settlement.
  • You receive immediate payment and profit from client transactions.
  • Direct payments to us require timely communication for accurate commission payouts.
  • Semi-annual settlements to us ensure no initial financial expenditure on your part.
  • Enterprises, often providing larger and more consistent purchases, should be a focal point of marketing efforts.
  • Ensure you're receiving payment from clients before ticket issuance to minimize financial risk.
  • Adhere to your service promises and cater to client needs effectively, maintaining robust communication with both us and your clients.
  • Always align the support and assistance provided with the chosen service tier to ensure client satisfaction and successful transactions.
  • Consistent communication with both us and your clients will uphold a transparent and efficient transaction flow, ensuring all parties are informed and obligations are met.

Important Note on Currency and Payment: While we settle fees in EUR, it's imperative for ASPs to manage their local transactions astutely, ensuring full payment and accurate conversion of fees. We do not verify the amounts ASPs charge nor cross-check the exchange rates utilized; our invoicing will strictly adhere to EUR amounts. Especially for ASPs operating in regions experiencing inflation, it’s prudent to consider retaining fee amounts in EURs. This practice not only safeguards against potential currency value fluctuations but also ensures that your settlements with us remain accurate and unaffected by local economic shifts. Your financial strategy and adherence to these guidelines ensure a smooth, mutually beneficial partnership, sustaining accurate and fair transactions throughout our collaboration.

Our system benefits Authorized Sales Partners (ASPs) in various substantial ways:
  1. Financial Flexibility:
    • The credit system allows ASPs to initiate sales without upfront financial investment, thereby mitigating initial fiscal burden and enhancing cash flow.
    • Deferred payments and the option to pay after sales enable ASPs to maintain a steady operational cash flow even in varying market conditions.

  2. Profitability:
    • The pricing structure allows ASPs to dictate their profit margin, controlling their revenue stream while being able to offer competitive pricing to clients.
    • Tiered service offerings allow ASPs to cater to a broad range of client needs, potentially capturing a wider market segment.

  3. Structured and Predictable Operations:
    • A clear and detailed transaction and operation flow provides a roadmap for consistent and predictable management of client transactions and service provision.
    • The annual settlement with accumulated discounts ensures streamlined cash flow and simplified financial reconciliation.

  4. Business Focus:
    • Encouraging a focus on enterprise accounts, which can secure larger and steadier purchases, gives ASPs a clear target market, allowing for concentrated and effective marketing efforts.

  5. Enhanced Client Satisfaction:
    • With the tiered service offerings, ASPs can tailor their services to meet diverse client needs, thereby enhancing client satisfaction and potentially securing repeat business.
    • ASPs are empowered to manage client expectations effectively by utilizing structured operation flows, ensuring clarity, and transparency in transactions.
Start Selling

Design Prize

Start Selling
Embarking upon the exciting journey as an A' Authorized Seller and Service Provider (ASP) unfolds a spectrum of opportunities to elevate your business while contributing to the global design community. Start with strategically marketing your new status, engaging dynamically with your client base, and expertly facilitating the sale of nomination tickets, thus weaving a network of possibilities and prosperity. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive exploration of practical strategies, ethical considerations, and innovative approaches to foster a thriving ASP business, meticulously ensuring every client's experience is seamless, informed, and genuinely supportive. With a strategic approach in each of these facets, your ASP operations can thrive, maintaining a healthy client base while contributing positively to the A' Design Award ecosystem. Remember, consistent, transparent, and value-driven practices will be key to sustaining a successful operation.

Marketing Campaign Initiatives

  1. Launch Campaign:
    • Develop a robust launch campaign to announce your new status as an ASP.
    • Leverage email marketing to notify your existing client base about the new offerings and privileges.

  2. Social Media Marketing:
    • Implement a consistent social media calendar to showcase success stories, award-winning designs, and benefits of participating in the A’ Design Award.
    • Leverage paid advertisements targeting designers, architects, and companies within the design industry.

  3. Partnership and Collaborations:
    • Establish partnerships with design institutions, studios, and industry influencers to expand reach.
    • Organize joint webinars or live sessions discussing design trends and the importance of design awards in a designer’s career.

  4. Content Marketing:
    • Develop blog posts, press releases, and newsletters showcasing the value, process, and success stories related to the A’ Design Award.
    • Create insightful content around design, innovation, and the impact of awards on brand and designer reputation.

Engaging with Clients

  1. Communication Strategy:
    • Set up dedicated communication channels (email, chat, hotline) for inquiries related to the A’ Design Award nominations.
    • Develop a CRM system to manage client interactions, follow-ups, and ticket purchasing history.

  2. Client Education:
    • Organize workshops or webinars to educate clients about the nomination process, benefits, and potential impact on their brand/design reputation.
    • Develop guides or FAQs to help clients understand the intricacies of preparing and submitting their designs.

  3. Client Support:
    • Ensure that your team is well-versed with the A’ Design Award’s processes to provide accurate and helpful support.
    • Create a section on your website for resources and support related to the nomination process.

Selling Nomination Tickets

  1. Sales Strategy:
    • Develop packages or bundled offers (e.g., nomination ticket + design presentation / nomination procedure help + consultancy service) to provide additional value.
    • Implement a referral program to incentivize previous clients to refer new clients.

  2. Pricing and Payment:
    • Clearly communicate the pricing structure and benefits of different nomination types.
    • Ensure a seamless and secure payment process for purchasing nomination tickets.

  3. Sales Meetings and Pitches:
    • Organize face-to-face or virtual meetings with potential clients to explain the benefits and guide them through the nomination process.
    • Develop a compelling sales pitch showcasing the return on investment from winning an A' Design Award.

  4. Client Onboarding:
    • Once a sale is made, ensure a smooth onboarding process to guide the client through the next steps.
    • Provide them with a clear timeline, checklist, and be proactive in offering assistance in the nomination process.

Compliance and Ethics

  1. Maintain Ethical Standards:
    • Ensure that all sales and marketing practices adhere to ethical and truthful representation.
    • Avoid guaranteeing awards or providing misleading information regarding the outcome of the nominations.

  2. Adherence to A’ Design Award’s Guidelines:
    • Regularly review and ensure that all activities align with the A’ Design Award’s guidelines and regulations.
    • Keep communications transparent and straightforward to uphold the prestige and credibility of the A’ Design Award.

Feedback and Improvement

  1. Client Feedback:
    • Implement a system to gather feedback from clients regarding their experience with your ASP services.
    • Use feedback to make continual improvements in your service delivery and client engagement strategies.

  2. Sales Analysis:
    • Regularly analyze sales data to understand successful strategies and areas that need improvement.
    • Utilize data-driven decision-making to optimize sales and client acquisition strategies.

Engaging and Converting Larger Brands through Physical Interactions
Engaging larger brands and enterprises, especially in a context as prestigious as the A' Design Award, indeed presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Larger brands often possess substantial budgets for marketing and design but also come with higher expectations regarding value, professionalism, and ROI.

  1. Building Trust:
    • Physical meetings can enhance trust as it demonstrates commitment and seriousness towards providing a solution tailored to the brand's specific needs.
    • In-person interactions allow for a nuanced understanding and managing the subtleties of communication and relationship-building.

  2. Detailed Presentations:
    • In physical meetings, you can present detailed and tailored proposals which may be more compelling and persuasive.
    • Demonstrating past success stories and tangible benefits through physical materials and well-prepared presentations.

  3. Understanding Client Needs:
    • Direct interactions facilitate a deeper understanding of the brand’s expectations, challenges, and specific needs.
    • Larger brands may have unique demands or queries which can be addressed promptly and accurately during in-person interactions.

  4. Providing Custom Solutions:
    • Utilizing insights gained from physical interactions to propose custom solutions that cater specifically to the larger brand’s objectives.
    • Presenting tailored nomination packages or providing consultancy services that align closely with the brand’s strategy and expectations.

  5. Leveraging Human Connection:
    • Humans are inherently social and often, personal connections forged through face-to-face interactions can pave the way for better business relationships.
    • Physical meetings provide the opportunity to read non-verbal cues and adjust your approach accordingly, which is particularly crucial while negotiating or attempting to persuade.

If Physical Engagements are Not Feasible
Balancing physical meetings and utilizing digital mediums effectively could provide a comprehensive approach towards engaging and converting larger brands into participating in the A' Design Award. Always remember to align strategies with the unique preferences and expectations of each brand to ensure relevance and value in all engagements. Here are some strategies and tips for engaging larger brands, especially if physical meetings are not always feasible or as a complementary strategy:

  1. High-Quality Virtual Engagements:
    • Host high-quality, personalized virtual meetings or webinars to discuss their needs and potential collaboration in-depth.
    • Leverage high-quality visuals, videos, and interactive sessions to make virtual interactions more engaging and informative.

  2. Exclusive Invitations:
    • Invite larger brands to exclusive virtual events, showcases, or discussions which highlight the benefits and prestige associated with winning an A’ Design Award.
    • Provide them with an exclusive first look at new features, opportunities, or insights available through the A’ Design Award.

  3. Dedicated Account Management:
    • Assign a dedicated account manager or team to cater to larger brands ensuring consistent, personalized, and timely interactions.
    • Ensure that all communications and solutions are tailor-made to suit the particular needs and challenges faced by the brand.

  4. Leverage Testimonials and Case Studies:
    • Showcase testimonials and case studies of previous winners, emphasizing the impact of the award on their brand equity and market position.
    • Develop case studies highlighting the ROI and tangible benefits experienced by similar brands in the past.

  5. Collaborative Approach:
    • Engage in a collaborative dialogue to understand their objectives, challenges, and expectations.
    • Work together to create a nomination strategy that aligns with their brand image, marketing strategy, and design objectives.

  6. Provide Comprehensive Support:
    • Ensure that larger brands receive comprehensive support in terms of nomination preparation, submission, and follow-up.
    • Assist them in creating compelling narratives and presentations for their nominations.

  7. Transparency and Professionalism:
    • Maintain transparency regarding pricing, processes, and expectations.
    • Ensure that all interactions and transactions are marked by a high degree of professionalism and adherence to agreed-upon terms.

  8. Highlighting Exclusivity and Prestige:
    • Highlight the exclusivity and prestige of the A’ Design Award, and how being associated or winning can significantly enhance the brand’s image and market positioning.
Legal Framework

Design Prize

Legal Framework

Below, we provide the general terms of the Authorized Seller and Service Provider agreement to help you understand the responsabilities of the parties. If you agree to these terms, contact us now to get started and we will collect some of your information and send you a slightly longer formal contact to provide you with a valid certificate.

Nomination Ticket Fee Payment Dates

Please be advised that the "A' Authorized Seller and Service Provider" is required to settle any outstanding nomination ticket fee balances on the following predetermined dates: April 15th, and October 15th of each year. On these dates, it is imperative that all due fees be paid promptly to the A' Design Awards to maintain good standing and compliance with the terms of the agreement.

Authorized Sellers will be provided with a discount on the nomination tickets over the A' Design Award's Public Pricing (also generally understood as Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)), which will constitute their sole profit, supplemented by any revenues generated from consultancy services provided to clients.

Term: The authorization granted to the Authorized Seller and Service Provider is initially valid for a period ranging from one (1) year to eighteen (18) months, the precise duration being contingent on the exact start date of the agreement. This authorization is subject to renewal upon the mutual agreement of both parties involved. Regardless of the start date, all agreements will terminate either on March 15th or on September 15th of the respective expiration year. For instance, if an agreement is signed on March 15, 2008, it will remain valid until September 15, 2009, constituting an 18-month period. To renew the agreement for a subsequent period lasting until September 15, 2010 (a 12-month period), a renewal must be executed on March 15, 2009.

A' Design Award's Responsibilities:

  • To offer nomination tickets to Authorized Sellers at a discounted price, the exact price being determined by the volume of tickets purchased.
  • To maintain the standard operating procedures and services related to the award nomination and adjudication process.
  • To provide necessary marketing materials and support to Authorized Sellers for effective marketing and promotion.

Responsabilities of Authrozied Sellers and Service Providers

  • Authorized Sellers shall market and advertise the A' Design Award actively in their territory.
  • Authorized Sellers shall sell nomination tickets and provide clients with support services including consultancy on choosing, presenting, and nominating their work.
  • Authorized Sellers shall strictly adhere to the guidelines and procedures set by A' Design Award in relation to the promotion and sale of nomination tickets.
  • Authorized Sellers shall remit payment to A' Design Award for the cost of nomination tickets before the stipulated deadlines.
    Authorized Sellers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in their Territory, particularly those related to advertising and marketing.
  • Authorized Sellers must maintain accurate records of all transactions and to provide regular reports to A' Design Award as agreed upon.
  • Authorized Sellers must adhere to quality assurance standards set by A' Design Award to maintain the prestige and reputation of the award.
  • Authorized Sellers are allowed to use A' Design Award's trademarks and logos within the limited scope of the program, and to do so Authorized Sellers must obtain prior approval for the marketing and promotional materials to maintain brand consistency.
  • Authorized Sellers must comply with applicable data protection laws, given the transnational nature of the agreement and different data protection regimes in place.
  • Authorized Sellers must comply with anti-bribery and corruption laws.

Third-Party Transactions and Liability

  • Timely Remittance of Funds: ASPs are obligated to remit all due payments for nomination tickets and related services to A’ Design Awards in a punctual manner, adhering strictly to the agreed-upon payment schedules and amounts.
  • Financial Liability: In the event of delayed or defaulted payments from ASPs to A’ Design Awards, the affected user accounts may be subject to negative credits, account restrictions, or other remedial actions at the sole discretion of A’ Design Awards, despite any prior payments or agreements between the ASPs and the users.
  • ASPs' Obligation in User Reimbursement: Should a user be required to make direct payments to A’ Design Awards due to an ASP’s payment default, the ASP shall be responsible for resolving any resultant financial discrepancies with the user, including but not limited to reimbursing double payments, and shall address all related user claims, demands, and disputes independently and without involving A’ Design Awards.
  • Indemnification Clause: ASPs hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless A’ Design Awards from any and all claims, demands, losses, liabilities, and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising out of or in connection with any user disputes related to payment defaults, additional payments, or any other financial transactions involving the ASP and the users.
  • Resolution of Disputes: ASPs commit to handling and resolving all disputes with users regarding payments and reimbursements directly and independently, ensuring that such matters are settled without involving or negatively impacting A’ Design Awards and its operations.

Conflict Resolution

  • In case of any dispute arising out of or in connection with this agreement, the Parties agree to resolve the issue through mediation only.

Liability and Guarantees

  • This authorization does not establish a partnership, and neither party can accept liability on behalf of each other or make guarantees.
  • Authorized Sellers shall not make or imply any guarantees that a certain product, project, or design will win the A' Design Award.
  • Authorized Sellers should adhere to ethical marketing practices and ensure that all representations made to clients protect the reputation and integrity of the A’ Design Award.

Termination and Renewal

  • This agreement is valid for a duration ranging between one (1) year and eighteen (18) months, depending on the specific start date, and is subject to renewal upon mutual agreement between the Parties.
  • In case Authorized Sellers fails to remit the payment for the nomination tickets before the deadline, the nominated designs may lose their nomination or any obtained award status.


  • This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Como/Italy.


  • Authorized Sellers agrees to maintain the confidentiality of any proprietary information received during the tenure of this agreement.

Intellectual Property

  • Authorized Sellers shall respect and protect the intellectual property rights of the A' Design Award.


  • This agreement can be amended only by written agreement of both Parties.

Indemnification and Liability

The Authorized Seller further agrees to indemnify and hold A' Design Awards harmless from and against all damages, losses, and expenses of any kind (including reasonable legal fees and costs) related to:

  • Any claims or demands made by any third party due to or arising out of the Authorized Seller's breach of this agreement, negligence, or violation of any law or regulation.

  • Intellectual property infringement or any other harm resulting from the improper promotion or misrepresentation of the A' Design Awards and its associated products or services.

  • Any disputes or issues arising between the Authorized Seller and their clients that may adversely affect the A' Design Awards either financially or reputationally.

The Authorized Seller agrees to promptly notify A' Design Awards of any such claims and to cooperate fully in the defense and resolution of such matters, including providing access to all relevant documentation and assistance as required.

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